New Spider-Man Tom Holland on set in Queens

On the set of the new highly-anticipated Spider-Man movie Homecoming, we caught a glimpse of the new 20-year-old star Tom Holland who was so natural in its new surrounding that he was comically named the new King of Queens.

If you are familiar with young Mr. Holland than you know that he is very far from his home London, but on the set of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming he felt so comfortable and at home than anybody there. “First night in Queens and it feels like home already” as stated by young Tom, who was by the way luckiest one out of 1,500 people that applied for a role of Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man.

On Tuesday he was caught working hard on the set, and we came into the possession of the video that showed one scene where he had to fight off an enemy from the top of the car. During the making of that scene, as you can see from these pictures, he was resting and smiling all the way between takes showing how satisfied he is. He was also in New York on Monday where they had an exhausting physical shoot on the streets of the Big Apple.

He made it to New York after the Marvel’s production on Friday came north from Georgia, where he participated in filming the all expected blockbuster for the better part of the summer in the Pinewood Atlanta Studios. But one thing that makes him as good as Peter Parker, his new character, that you might not know, is his kindness to others. Tom apparently does his best work off the cameras, and he proved that true by posting a pic on Instagram of him and a small boy with a sweet message. It was sent to all the patients at the facility saying “Meeting you all today was such a wonderful experience and you’re all such little inspirations,’ and he also wrote ‘We’re proud of you and we hope to be back soon and thank you for having us Egleston Children’s Hospital.”

If you do not know, Holland is the latest member of a web swinging and shooting brotherhood together with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Nicholas Hammond. We are sure that he will be as good as everybody before him and that he will justify the confidence placed in him and save a good name that is Spider-Man.

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