One Team That Needs To Trade For Tony Romo

Dak Prescott has been more than impressive in his first three weeks in the NFL. This man has shown a lot of promise and many people question whether or not he should remain under center after Tony Romo heals his back problems. Prescott is a rookie that needs some playing time on the field so he can learn how to play at the quarterback position on an NFL level.

What does this mean for their starting signal caller Tony Romo? Well, he is in a tough position. Dak Prescott is looking better with each passing moment, and Romo should be worried. Despite what people within Cowboys organization say, his job indeed is in jeopardy. Should he move on?

The answer is yes. And there is a team that desperately needs a quarterback. That happened to be Cleveland Browns. They have had a lot of trouble with finding their starting signal caller over the years. God knows how many people have tried to play that position in the past couple of season and failed.

Brown have drafted some QBs in the first round, and that really didn’t turn out as well as Browns have hoped. Actually, it has been a disaster. The saddest thing is that they now have good enough weapons for good QBs to be successful with this team. Coleman, Pryor, and Gordon are all there, and they could be a team to fear in the future.

And that is if they find the quarterback. While they are in search of their next signal caller, why not trade for Tony Romo. Here is a 10-year veteran that can really play, can give you a couple of good seasons since they have weapons around him and can provide you with enough time for management to find a groom a young quarterback.

Why not pull the trigger? Who says no in this deal? Is it the Cowboys or maybe the Browns? QB situation in Dallas will get interesting when Romo comes back. Especially if the Cowboys keep winning games with Dak Prescott under center. We shall see.