New Star Wars Movie having Dwayne Johnson and Rosario Dawson among the cast members?


Only a few days from now, Star Wars crew will gather in Orlando, for a famous Star Wars Celebration. Many people have been certain that the first trailer for the next movie – Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will be released at this event. However, many more things are to be expected for this convention. It has been surprising for many that Star Wars account on Twitter started to follow actors Dwayne Johnson and Rosario Dawson, who haven’t been brought in any kind of relation to the franchise so far. But some fans interpreted this action as a definite sign of these two actors joining the crew of the long lasting movie series.

Of course, it would be too hasty to jump to conclusions such as this one, based only on a Twitter account. However, there are some other indications of this assumption that lead us to believe that it might be true.

One sign that points in this direction would be the timing of the activity on Twitter, as it happened little before the Star Wars Celebration. Also, actress Rosario Dawson showed her admiration for Ahsoka Tano, a character from Star Wars Rebels, a few months ago by posting on her Twitter account as well. This can, of course, mean that she is just a big fan of the franchise, but one never knows.


When it comes to Dwayne Johnson, there are no specific indications of him getting a part in Star Wars. Also, he is already involved in many other projects such as the ones with Disney and Jungle Cruise, and he is also planned for the following projects: Skyscraper, Doc Savage, Shazam and San Andreas 2.

A few days ago, Bob Iger gave out something to Disney and Star Wars fans, and that is their plan to continue with the franchise until 2030. There has also been some news about not having Star Wars Celebration in 2018. Stay tuned for more information.