Jeep K8 Hybrid Concept – could this be it?

If you recall the news from the last week, then you probably remember those somewhat mysterious concept teaser images of a Jeep vehicle that is supposed to make its debut at Auto Shanghai 2017 in China. Well, now we have two additional sketches that are as interesting as the pictures from last week, and they show what is believed to be the Jeep’s new K8 Hybrid. As we managed to find out online, these sketches are supposed to be a preview of a China-focused SUV that should start sales sooner than anyone thinks.

The images we stumbled upon aren’t that good as you might expect, at least when quality is considered, but they do allow us to see what exactly is Shanghai-bound concept supposed to look like. Looking at the headlights and taillights, this will probably be a Cherokee-based model, and this claim is backed up by caught prototypes of a long-wheelbase Cherokee testing on public roads just recently. That would mean that this concept is a preview of a production model that is taking the shape of a three-row Cherokee. If this turns out to be true, then we are looking at a more a 5+2 model rather than a full seven seater mainly because the last two seats will be better suited for kids than anyone else.

The Cherokee is already being built in China in order to satisfy the needs of the local market, and it makes sense for Jeep to stretch it even more, mostly because the customer over at the People’s Republic of China make a big deal regarding the amount of space available inside the cabin.

More to this is the fact that China is Jeep’s largest market right after the US and it would be a wise business decision to offer the buyers there a bigger variant of the already bellowed Cherokee. But a lot more details will be known right after Auto Show in Shanghai opens its doors to the public which will happen on April 19th, or right after the online reveal which should be done a few days sooner. We just have to see if Jeep will keep this one a China-only vehicle or will it be delivered to any other market. Stay close for any updates that might pop up in these coming days.