New technology on Mazda 6


Looking only at exterior, it can easily be noticed that Mazda 6 didn’t go through many changes. The minor facelift that Mazda implemented here can’t really be called a redesign. The place where most, if not all, changes happened is the interior. Improvements on 2017 Mazda 6 are mostly in the technology department, with small touches added to cabin design and making the car-driver relationship more solid.

This includes, among many things added, the launch of new Mazda G-Vectoring Control. Simply said – The GVC. This system is part of Mazda’s Sky-Active-Vehicle Dynamics technology. Its function is that through electronic systems that are installed on engine, chassis and in transmission sends the optimal amount of torque to the wheels.

This kind of system is frequently used to improve traction while exiting corners, but unlike other systems of this type, GVC concentrates on enchantments of turn-in and solidity on all corners and straight roads.

Using signals from the steering wheel and throttle alike, the GVC can easily decrease the torque sent to the wheels up front in the moment of turning, and transfer most of the weight on the front axle which creates greater turn-in grip.

Another thing that GCV can do while facing the straight road is to reduce the power delivery in a small percentage to influence the steering and grip on all kind of surfaces.

These improvements are available on entire Mazda 6 range, but there are those that will be available only on diesel models. First among those is Transient Control. This is a system that concentrates on throttle responsiveness.

The second one is Natural Sound Smoother. This technology uses dynamic damper that is put in between pistons and connection rod in an attempt to reduce the effects of diesel motor vibration. The effectiveness of this system is unquestionable, but nevertheless, Mazda also added more sound isolation to the cabin and made the doors and panels tighter, all to reduce the noise of the engine.

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One thing that didn’t go through any changes is the drivetrain department. That means that Mazda 6 offers two 2.0-liter Skyactiv engines that produce 145PS and 165PS depending on the tuning state. As we are accustomed by Mazda, there are also two versions of a 2.2-litre diesel engine, able to produce 150PS and 175PS. Main reasons for improvements on sound insulation are the diesel engines and the effort to make everything even quieter in the cabin. About 75% of Mazda 6 sales in the UK are the models with diesel unit.

Another thing, more importantly, that didn’t undergo any changes is the price. Luckily it remains the same and its starts at £19,795 for the SE trim.

List of new additions doesn’t stop with the things mentioned above. Leather steering wheel, better head-up display, system for recognition of pedestrians and Smart City Brake Support are also new to Mazda 6 models.

Exterior vise only addition is the new color: Machine Grey metallic. You may remember this one from Mazda’s MX-RF model.