New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins – Week 9 Picks And Predictions

This is a contest between two underachieving teams that have been playing their best football as of late. Both squads have a couple of good performances in the past few rounds, and that opened the door for them to make a run at that wild card spot. Only one of these two teams will have a shot to earn that spot after this duel is over.

Jets are 3-5 while the Dolphins are all of a sudden just a half-game behind the Bills for the second place in the division. One wild card spot will come from the AFC West where the Broncos and Raiders are almost a sure thing to make it to the playoffs. We don’t know where the second wild card will come from and it just might be the AFC East that gets it.

Miami Dolphins are on a roll and playing on their home field. Wins against the Steelers and Bills have given them a much-needed confidence boost going forward and into this game.

Jets have struggled to start the season, but a win against the Ravens and another one against the Browns have put them back on track and gave them a renewed hope. These are not powerhouse teams that they have beaten, but that just might be enough to get them going. They are a talented bunch that underachieved this season.

It starts with Ryan Fitzpatrick and his play. If he doesn’t throw it to the other teams like he has this season, Jets have a good shot to win this game. We just can’t trust them. Miami is a bit more thrust worthy than this Jets team, and we are going to pick them to get the job done at home. Dolphins will be victorious as we expect to see Jay Ajayi with another good day running the football, and Miami will win it 27:21.