Psychologists Determined That The Cartoon “Masha and The Bear” has a Harmful Effect on Children

Russian psychologists conducted a research after which they stated which cartoons have a harmful effect on children. The top spot belongs to the cartoon for kids called “Masha and the Bear.”

In the explanation, they stated that Masha’s behavior is not appropriate since she is malicious. According to the scientists, this kind of behavior may have a negative impact on the kids who might think that it is justified to act like that.

The cartoon “Masha and the Bear” is popular not only in Russia but also in Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Indonesia, in the Middle East and the Balkans. The little girl is also popular in Islamic countries, mainly because her head is covered with a shawl, as it is said in the research.

The second place belongs to the US cartoon called “Monster High”. The psychologists believe that the vulgar vocabulary from the cartoon can have a poor influence on kids.

SpungeBob SqarePants” is next because the main character is too self-centered and criticizes the grown-ups all the time. The fourth place belongs to the legendary cartoon “Tom and Jerry” and their behavior is perceived as inappropriate.