Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants – Week 9 Picks And Predictions

Boy, talk about a divisional game with high stakes on the line. Look no further than this one between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. Both of these teams are sitting at 4-3, two games behind the Dallas Cowboys. They can’t afford to lose more ground to the ‘Boys, so it’s a must-win situation for both squads. On top of that, Cowboys are expected to win their matchup against dreadful Browns.

That’s not the case just because they need to catch the Cowboys. They need to make sure that they put themselves in a good position to get to the playoffs as a wild card if Cowboys don’t slip up and keep playing winning football. NFC West is not great this season, NFC South might have a wild card team, and NFC North will for sure take one wild card. Squads in the NFC East have the second best chance to get it, so this is an important game.

New York is coming off a bye week. They are winners of two straight games, but they were far from impressive. Case Keenum practically threw the match to them with four picks, and they escaped from London with a 17:10 win. Eli Manning is the one that usually throws it to the other team, and he needs to avoid that against this decent Eagles team.

Philly showed up to play in Dallas, they threw everything but the kitchen sink at Dak Prescott but collapsed at the end of the OT and made a big mistake that left Jason Witten wide open in the end zone. Mistakes like that can’t happen against Giants’ weapons. If they do, defense will get burnt for big gains.

New York is rested, playing on their home turf and we pick them to win this one. Wentz will have a good day, but he is throwing a lot of short passes. It’s going to be a high-scoring game, and it will force Wentz to take some risk. Mistakes are bound to happen, and New York will win it 30:27.