New York Jets vs. New England Patriots – Week 16 Picks And Predictions

New York Jets are an accident waiting to happen. That is the famous line of ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith as he uses it to describe the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Well, the Jets’ season can easily be described with that phrase. Everything that could have gone wrong, it did. Their bad season reached it’s lowest point in the games against the Colts on Monday Night Football two weeks ago and this Saturday against Miami Dolphins.

New England Patriots lost Robert Gronkowski due to injury, but their defense has stepped up big time in the past couple of weeks. Cornerbacks did a great job on the two of the Broncos’ elite wideouts while the pressure was there on the quarterback all day long. Malcolm Butler has been great against Sanders while Logan Ryan was quick on his feet and made a big game-changing play when he intercepted the ball.

Jets were close to beating the Patriots as they always play them tough in New York. Well, this match is going to be in Foxboro and Jets are in the biggest slump of their horrid season. Patriots still need to win their games in order to secure the AFC’s top spot, so you know Tom Brady will have his pedal to the metal.

The pick here is easy. Jets are not going to go down without a fight as this is a divisional rivalry, but Patriots are going to pull away in the second quarter and win this duel 29:13.