Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears – Week 16 Picks And Predictions


Washington Redskins fall short on the Monday Night Football game. They went to bed on their home turf against the Panthers that had nothing to play for in that match. The offense was not on the same page, the defensive line has got punked by Carolina, and the defense couldn’t make a play when they needed them the most.

Bears showed up in the final quarter of the duel against the Packers as Jeffrey came alive and was all over that Green Bay’s secondary. Barkley showed the ability to make big plays in the clutch and lead this team to the end zone with beautiful passes. Redskins defense is pretty shaky so we can expect that Jeffrey will have another big game as he is trying to leave the good impression. He will be a free agent in 2017, and he will look for his money.


Redskins had the 6th seed in their possession before that match with the Panthers, but now, they are sitting at 8th in the conference, and their Playoff chances are much slimmer. They need the help from the other squads in order to get in while they need to win both of their remaining games.

Even though Chicago is not one of the better teams in the NFL, we think that the Redskins will have their fair share of struggles against this squad. In the end, we believe that they will escape Chicago with a 24:23 win, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears kill off Redskins’ Playoff dreams.