New York Knicks Shopping Carmelo Anthony To Big East And West Teams

It’s no secret that the New York Knicks are going to try to rebuild their squad now that it turned out that they likely won’t compete in the Playoffs. Their best player is still Carmelo Anthony, but the Knicks can’t move on unless they change the roster from the core and that includes him too. But, there is a problem with that situation.

Carmelo Anthony has a no-trade clause so you can’t just trade him to any team that you make a deal with. You need to make sure that he is also on board with the squad that he will be going to. You can’t make a trade unless he decides to remove that clause from his contract.

They are contacting some of the best teams in the NBA. First, they have asked the Cavaliers about the exchange of Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. They have shut that deal down after Cavs said that they are not interested at all.

Today, the reports emerged that they have contacted the Boston Celtics about the possible deal that will include Carmelo Anthony. Bradley and 2017 Brooklyn Nets pick would be going the other way. It’s unlikely that the Celtics want that deal to happen.

Knicks are also in talks with the Los Angeles Clippers about sending Melo to them, but the Clippers don’t have to offer as much as the Celtics have. If this deal goes through, the Clippers would likely have to send a future draft pick or picks. The Clippers are the more desperate team between these two, and they are in a win-now mode. If the agreement is reached, Melo will be on the clock.