Ranks NFC East As The Second Best Division Quarterback-Wise


It is amazing to see that NFC East, a division that just a couple of years ago had four mediocre teams, now is one of the best divisions in football as they have four legit squads that can each make the Playoffs and/or win the division. A part of the reason for that is the fact that there are four solid quarterbacks in the NFC East. According to the, this division is the second strongest when it comes to the signal callers.

There are divisions that have some legendary quarterbacks, like Tom Brady with the New England Patriots. But, that division also has a team that doesn’t even know who is going to start at the most important position in the game. Yes, we are talking about you New York Jets.


That doesn’t exist in the NFC East. Dak Prescott has been great as a rookie QB, and there are no signs of him slowing down. Washington apparently has their man in Kirk Cousins. They are using a franchise tag, after franchise tag on him, which has enabled him to earn a boat load of money over the two past seasons. Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion and a veteran that is a solid piece to the Giants puzzle, while Wentz has also shown that he is going to be at least a solid NFL starter.

The only division that is better than this one is the NFC South. After that, the NFC East is the second best as four quarterbacks are pretty similar, at least when it comes to the skill level. What is even more beautiful about the NFC East is the fact that ranking in 2017 will depend on a lot on how the signal callers play this upcoming year.