Will Carson Wentz Be Better Than Dak Prescott In 2017?

Source: philadelphiaeagles.com

At the top of the 2016 NFL Draft, two rookie quarterbacks were selected as the number one and the number two picks. There was a lot of talk before that draft about who should go number one overall to the Los Angeles Rams. Jared Goff was favored to be first on the board, followed by Carson Wentz. Well, in the end, that was the case as Wentz went to the Philly Eagles who gave up a monster package in order to acquire him at the two.

A guy that ended up having a better year than both and even winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award was Dak Prescott, a QB that was selected in the fourth round and was supposed to be a backup to Tony Romo. Early in the season, Wentz and Prescott were pretty close when it comes to the level of play, but Dallas’ quarterback didn’t fall off later in the season like Eagles and Wentz did.

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Still, that doesn’t mean that Wentz doesn’t have a chance to be a better player than Prescott going forward. Yes, he did struggle in the latter part of the season, but it was more due to the fact that he really didn’t have a lot of weapons available to him and that Eagles asked him to do way too much way too soon.

Now, Jordan Matthews is still there in Philly. That was his go-to man, and they had a good connection. But, during the Free Agency, they got him a number one option. A true option that he can target and that is Alshon Jeffery. We think that Wentz is going to be a great player and that he will rise to the occasion in 2017. Dak Prescott has won Round 1 between the two, but that doesn’t mean that Wentz can’t respond.