Paranormal Lockdown: Will there be another season?

The fans of the TLC’s show Paranormal Lockdown got double episodes of this season every week. They received two hours of their show and also visited two different locations. People that were following the series certainly enjoyed getting to see this much of their show every week. Although, sometimes it was an episode that you had already seen. But, on the other hand, they would often include some new footage in the episodes. Now, all of the fans wish to know whether there will be another season of Paranormal Lockdown or not.

Nick Groff shared an update about the show on his Twitter account, but it is still pretty vague. Nick wrote: “Thank you everyone for all the support on season 2 #ParanormalLockdown @TLC Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!” Up to this point, the show has broadcast two seasons, which may mean that it could be back for a third one. As for TLC, it is one of those channels that give no updates on show renewals, and then a minute later you hear about an incoming sequel.

Katrina Weidman also wrote on her Twitter. She expressed her thanks to the fans for their support of the series. Also, this girl mentioned that she doesn’t know what she is going to do on Friday nights anymore. It seems that Katrina didn’t have the answers about another season of Paranormal Lockdown.


Surely, the fans would adore having another season of their beloved show, but for the time being, they will have to wait.

We hope that soon enough either Nick or Katrina will share the news with the fans. Even if the show doesn’t return, they won’t put an end to what they’re doing and will find a way to share it with the fans.

Would you like to see Paranormal Lockdown with a new season? What is your opinion on this TLC paranormal show? You can comment below what you think and if you are optimistic that Nick and Katrina will be back with the series.