Nia Jax to leave WWE – encouragement probably came from The Rock!

As we managed to find out, it seems that female WWE Superstar, Nia Jax, took some time off from the game and company. On top of that, some other reports state that the encouragement to do so came directly from her cousin – you probably know him it’s The Rock.

Sports Illustrated reported that a reason behind Jax’s leaving is her unhappiness with her booking. As it seems the idea of losing so cleanly against a lot smaller opponent like Sasha Banks at the TLC PPV is not her kind of thing, and to be honest, we think she is right. Since she had a conundrum to solve, she turned to her cousin The Rock for advice, and the best advice she got apparently, is to simply walk away if you are not satisfied.

On the other hand, these allegations are somewhat conflicted with the statement of Jax’s real-life friend, Alexa Bliss, who said that Nia is just taking some time off to recharge her batteries since the WWE schedule is so stressful and tiring. You all know that Nia isn’t, and probably will not be, the only one who has been unhappy with the company lately. If you recall, Austin Aries and Neville left them as well since they were forced to stay in the Cruiserweight Division. Another wrestler, Emma, just recently made a tweet in which she showed her disappointment in the lack of TV time she was getting, and guess what it seems that everything got turned around, for her at least. She got some more exposure, but it was used to put Asuka over.

But let’s get back to Nia Jax. Nia’s possible abandonment of the WWE might be rather interesting. If you wonder why here it is. Since Dwayne is her cousin and one of the most successful ex-pro wrestlers turned actors, and some might argue that he is bigger than the WWE itself. If they upset him with this, it just might not turn out the way they hoped. You are all aware that the company often uses Dwayne for promotion purposes and that is his ace in the sleeve. We are all pretty sure that if Nia decides to remain in WWE, she will surely get a far better position. She has been on the main roster for over a year now, but as you know it, she has yet to become a Women’s Champion. Maybe that is the deal she will take to stay with the company.

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