Is this Nio Eve that will arrive in US in 2024?

Recently we’ve acquired photos of the new Nio Eve (previously known as ‘NextEV’ in the US) which created a lot of hype online among fans of automobiles. This company is also recognized for their project of EP9 autonomous electric hypercar, however, this time we have another driverless but family friendly EV. This means that emphasis hasn’t been put on the performance this time.

However, it has a futuristic, glamorous look since this Hatchback has slim LED headlights and taillights on the exterior of the vehicle combined with a full glass roof. The company also succeeded in stretching the length of the wheelbase so that buyers can enjoy spacious interior. They did that by shortening the front and the rear overhangs. That is a really foxy move.

Another interesting thing is the concept of doors on this vehicle. The company opted for two massive sliding doors, and since there are no B-pillars, buyers will have a wide entrance and no problem whatsoever to get in. The spacious interior of the car has a reclining seat that is meant for relaxation and even some sleep while almost all the job is done by the car since it is capable of autonomous driving. This cabin will also have a folding table between the two seats facing one another. You can use it for whatever you like ranging from business to leisure.

Now as we mentioned the idea behind this vehicle is to be fully autonomous therefore you won’t find any buttons that are a must nowadays. The whole system will be controlled by an artificial intelligence engine called ‘NOMI.’ The ‘driver’ or the passenger can easily access this system by a touch glass display which has a simple but effective interface that gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘entertainment.’ Future has arrived won’t you say?

Nio Eve Release Date

When it comes to engine and everything under the hood the company was silent. So far we only know that the car is entirely electric. That is an enormous promise, and we can barely wait to see whether the company will fulfill it. This model is predicted to go on sale in 2024 in the US. Until then you can watch videos of this future car, and hopefully, soon we will be able to have one.