Mercedes X-Class showed its headlights in the latest test!

Thanks to the latest test that the Mercedes X-Class had, and thanks to the ever-lurking lenses of spy photographers we now have shots of what seem to be-near-production headlights that now give us a little broader picture of what to expect from the X-Class. Thanks to the loss of camo now we see that those headlights feature an LED strip of daytime running lights in the same tone as most of the company’s models.

But do not think that this is all. The sudden loss of the camo benefits us in one more department, and that is taillights that now show a slightly differently aligned light clusters that do not resemble anything to those on the Nissan Navara upon which the X-Class is mostly based. It is normal to expect that the Mercedes engineers will give their best to make as much difference as possible between the two workhorses by providing the X-Class with unique styling that we can now see glimpse off from these photos. The reporter that sent us these says that the dashboard was also heavily disguised, which can only mean that the interior will undergo some changes as well, to aid the differentiation further.

These new spy shots also revealed one more thing. Well, they actually brought up a question or two than answered anything but that is OK. Apparently, if you take a closer look you can see two filler caps on the rear fenders that can mean one of these three things – it is fake; it is the second tank for additional range, or it is a plug-in hybrid and the second cap hides the charging port. With that said we must note that the plug-in hybrid option is the first to drop because it is very unlikely that the test vehicle is fitted with an electric unit, and additionally the hybrid unit would have yellow warning stickers. One more thing excludes the plug-in hybrid option, and it is the fact that company’s hybrid vehicles usually have the second cap on the rear bumper under the right taillight, not on the fender.

As far as we know so far, when it comes to the engine department, expect that the top trim of the Mercedes X-Class will employ the V6 turbodiesel engine while the “weaker” variants will host the smaller four-cylinder units. Besides that the cheaper variants of the X-Class will have a front-wheel drive setup only, meaning that if you want that Mercedes’ famous 4Matic AWD system you will have to fork some additional bucks. The good news is that Mercedes pickup is slated to debut late this year, and it will be sold in various regions of the world, but the bad is that it won’t come to the US market, at least for now.

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