Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6: Let’s take a look

We recently had the opportunity to take a look at some of the most popular smartphones at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. Besides Samsung, Huawei and other giants we also noticed Nokia. Nokia is going for it with the presentation of three smartphones. The company made some brave decisions and finally turned to Android when it comes to OS of their devices. Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 were introduced to the world. Specs are great and what’s even better is the price that is ranging from 130 Euros to 300 Euros which is considerably lower than most of the other phones produced by their rivals.


When it comes to these three Nokia phones, we noticed that only the Nokia 3 has physical keys below its display. It also doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner that is featured on Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. The fingerprint scanner is located at the home button of Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. The concept is similar to Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy models.

The three devices mentioned above are unique in their own way. The Nokia 3 has an almost entirely plastic body featuring metal only on the sides of the phone. Its big brother, Nokia 5 is half metal, half plastic. The back of the phone is made of metal. When it comes to the pinnacle of the lineup, the Nokia 6, its body looks similar to Nokia Lumia 930 but it is also a bit more elegant and ‘premium.’


We’ll start with Nokia 3. Nokia 3 has a 720p 5-inch IPS LCD which is average nowadays, to be honest. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad, but it is nothing spectacular. The Nokia 5 has a slightly bigger screen, 5.2-inch big to be precise; it’s also 720p IPS LCD type. Last but not least, Nokia 6 has a 5.5-inch IPS LCD full HD display. The Full HD means that colors are more vibrant, images are sharper and there is less color distortion.

OS and Internal Storage

We’ve mentioned that Nokia finally adopted Android and these models will run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat version of the OS. When it comes to CPU, the Nokia 3 has a Mediatek MT6737 chip while Nokia 5 and 6 have a Snapdragon 430 chipset.
When it comes to memory, the Nokia 3 will have 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space. Same goes for Nokia 5. However, the biggest of the three brothers, Nokia 6, has 32 GB of storage space with 3GB of RAM. There is also going to be a Nokia 6 ‘Arte Black Limited Edition’ which will have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. All of these models support microSD cards up to 256GB of space which is fair for those who opt to buy Nokia 3 for example but want to have a huge collection of songs, movies, pictures or apps.

Battery and Camera

When it comes to battery life, we think that Nokia did a solid job by putting a 2,650 mAh battery in Nokia 3. Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 both have 3,000 mAh, and that is understandable since these two phones have slightly bigger screens and are more powerful.
It is common for Nokia phones to have quality cameras and we are sure that these models will be no exception. So, Nokia 3 has two cameras. One on the rear end and one on the front end. Both of them have 8MP. The Nokia 5 also has two cameras, only the one on the back has 13MP in comparison to one on the front which has 8MP. When it comes to Nokia 6, it has a 16MP back camera and 8MP front camera. It sounds impressive, and we are sure that photos produced by these phones, especially with Nokia 6 will look like art pieces.

Release Date and Price

These phones will be quite affordable, starting with Nokia 3 which will set you back for a grand total of no more than 130 Euros all the way to Nokia 5 which is 60 Euros more expensive (190 Euros) and Nokia 6 that will go for 240 Euros. The special edition ‘Arte Black’ Nokia is expected to cost 300 Euros. We expect them to arrive by the autumn of 2017.