The unique Dodge Charger Coupe Conversion is a spite toward Dodge Challenger

Well, there you have it! This is sure a proof why Dodge doesn’t make a Charger coupe – it would look a whole lot cooler than a Challenger in any way possible. Although it is a common fact that Charger and Challenger share a common platform (slightly modified, though), as well as the same powertrain options, what happens if you wish to have Charger’s aggressive styling on a coupe body? Well, this what you see here clearly happens.

This was probably a wish that Nick Kizi made. Nick is a man who opened his own bodyshop over in Warren, Michigan (which is pretty much GM’s main tech center) way back in 2013 called Fantasy Collision&Customs. As soon as he opened his doors to business, he and just two other guys tucked up their sleeves and took this project in order to show what exactly they can do. And as you can see from the images we provided for you the Fantasy Collision&Customs team did not just take this Dodge Charger, took down a set of doors, fill in the gaps and decided “that is it lets show it to people!”. No, according to what Rides magazine wrote those guys chopped the sedan in half, shortened the wheelbase by ten inches, and put it back together. But this is not everything; they also lengthened the front doors, they cut the roof down by two inches and made a real Coupe.

For this wonder car, it took nearly 5.000-man-hours which also included widening the rear fenders by seven inches (on each side of course) and fitting giant 24-inch wheels at all four corners, steamrolling 9 inches across at the front and an unfathomable 15 inches at the rear. Under the wheels, you can see the 16 inch Wilwood brakes, and underneath it all is a custom air suspension. For additional awesomeness, the team decided to replace the original roof with a custom glass panel, and they painted the entire car in white with red pinstripes. They even matched up the interior with the rest of the car with pearl white and red stitching. As far as the engine compartment is concerned the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 remained pretty much untouched, and the only thing changed is a custom exhaust it received.

The end product that these guys made is truly a breath-taker, and to some of you, it might look over the top, but individual tastes are not to be discussed. And one more thing, especially to those who think that this shouldn’t be as it is, nothing wrong has been done here especially because of the fact that the original Charger made in the 1960s and 1970s was a coupe.
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