Novak Djokovic has an old-new member on the staff. Who is Pepe Imaz?

Next stop on Novak Djokovic’s route is Paris where he is to participate in a Masters tournament. Novak will be there but some familiar faces from his surroundings won’t. We all know what names are on the Djokovic staff but this time around there will be some changes.

His long-time head coach Marian Vajda and Boris Becker won’t be part of Djokovic’s expedition to Paris. This decision comes as a strange one because those two have been a part of almost all recent Novak’s successes.

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World’s number one tennis player claims that this is not a controversial decision and that is something that they decided as a team. We are going to believe him, but we all know that Novak has the last word and that there is something bigger behind this decision.

What comes as an even greater surprise is the inclusion of Pepe Imaz in the coaching staff. Imaz who was a tennis player himself, but not very successful at that, with his best rank standing at 167. on ATP list, is there to help Djokovic with yoga and meditations. He is now more known to the world as spiritual guru than he was as a tennis player. That’s why Djokovic has turned to him to improve his concentration and regain his on turf calmness which he lacked in recent weeks and months.

Imaz’s way is the one of love, harmony, and happiness and that is exactly what Djokovic needs at this moment. Novak has stated in a recent interview that his main goal is no longer to win trophies but to once again finds his happiness while playing tennis. He strayed from his path and now is looking to get back on track both in life and on the court.

His affiliation with Imaz started back in 2012 when this Spanish ‘life coach’ helped Novak’s brother Marko to fight depression. Will it have the desirable effect on No.1 remains to be seen!?

Love and peace motto will be the motto of Serbian tennis player and his team in Paris. The crew that will this time consist of Pepe Imaz, Gebhard Phil-Gritsch, Lucas and his brother Marko. As we already mentioned it, there will be no Becker or Vajda.

With Andy Murray getting close to Djokovic’s number one spot on the ATP we certainly hope that ‘love and peace’ motto will be able to carry him to another trophy.