Novak Djokovic To Miss The Rest of The Season?

Novak Djokovic will most likely miss the US Open and the entire season, according to his doctor Zdenko Milinkovic who said that Djokovic needed to rest. ‘He will have to rest for 6 to 12 weeks, and then we are going to see” according to Milinkovic.

This means that we are not going to watch Novak at the US Open and at the semifinals of Davis Cup where Serbia plays against France. As for the other tournaments, the situation is blurry, and we will know his condition after the additional controls and checks are made.

The doctor of the Serbian national team said: “Novak has to rest from 6 to 12 weeks. In the next examination, we’re going to know whether this assessment stays or it will be changed. During that time, he will not have training sessions with the racquet, but he will be able to do other segments of practice related to the condition and similar things. Of course, he will have to undergo certain therapies.”

The US Open starts in 5 weeks, and as every day passes by, it is more evident that one of the most dominant players in the decade is not going to participate. We are waiting for Novak Djokovic to address the press about the injury and his decision for the remaining of the season. The best outcome for Djokovic would be to return in October and play in Shanghai, Paris and London Masters.

”Symptoms are calming down. He was with the specialist in Toronto for additional examination. He also consulted our experts and of course me because we are excellent friends,” said doctor Milinkovic. ”Now, resting is vital, and with various procedures, it can affect his recovery. The surgery is the last option.”

It’s hard to watch Novak struggling with injuries once again since he has just improved his game. Follow us for more details about Djokovic’s condition.