Witten, Dez: “Whitehead’s Cut Loud Message To The Team”


At the first practice of the Dallas Cowboys training camp, one of the guys that were supposed to be in one of the most interesting camp battles for the ‘Boys wasn’t present on the field. Just a couple of minutes before the start of the training camp, the team officials have decided to cut wide receiver Lucky Whitehead after the reported assault warrant was issued for now ex-Cowboy.

Even though he has defended himself by saying that he was nowhere near the incident that got him in trouble, the Dallas Cowboys have made the decision to cut him based on the culmination of multiple times that this man has made the headlines for the wrong reasons. There is no doubt that this is going to send a loud message to the team, a very clear one. This is actually a good thing for the Dallas Cowboys as the players can see what is going to happen if they don’t keep themselves in check.

Some of the veterans and the most notable players of the Cowboys are seeing this situation as a good example for everybody and a reality check. Jason Witten, the most experienced man on this team, has said that this is going to be a clear message to the squad. He thinks that the team needs to stay together and that the players need to understand what is expected of them. Dez Bryant shares the views of Jason Witten.


“This team is bigger than one person and you’ve got to have yourself in check,” said Dez. “You’ve got to have your priorities in check. Coach Garrett is a well-respected guy in this locker room. It’s not for the media to say. We love the way Coach Garrett goes about his business and we respect that. That’s why we want to play for him and why we want to win for him.”