Dallas Cowboys Already Cut Their Wide Receiver


The camp has just started, but the Dallas Cowboys are wasting no time and are removing everybody that might be a distraction to the team or is not worth the trouble that he is causing. There was a report that the arrest warrant was issued for the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead. As soon as the team heard this, they made a move, and Whitehead is not on the roster anymore. It is unfortunate that this happened to him and that he really didn’t get the chance to prove why he should make the team.

Still, he has stated that he was nowhere near the accident that happened in Virginia, but the squad didn’t want to wait for more information. The Cowboys are thinking here that he is again making the headlines for all the wrong reasons and that the level of his skill is not greater than the amount of the trouble that he is causing right now.


He did get multiple chances last season, and it looks like the team wasn’t satisfied with the level of play that he showed. In reality, it would have been really hard for him to keep his job anyway going into the season as he was just about to lose the position on the roster to the rookie Ryan Switzer. He was for sure on the bubble, entering this year’s training camp in order to prove that he should make the team.

But, this situation has prevented him from even trying that. Now, all he can do is to hope that some other team picks him up and gives him another chance this August as all squads are getting ready for the new season.