What Novak Djokovic Needs To Do In Order To Become The World Number One Again?


In the world of tennis, various things have changed in 2016. Novak Djokovic started off well, but Andy Murray is the one who finished this year as the world number one. Even when it seemed that the Serbian tennis player was untouchable, ever since Wimbledon, Andy Murray has known nothing but success. This is the reason why Murray overthrew Novak from the tennis throne. This year, Djokovic changed his lifestyle and his game. These changes may sound good in theory, but they are not so great in practice.

Let’s take a look at five reasons for Novak Djokovic’s success. These segments kept Novak on the top for so long.

1. Meet was included in the diet

Until this year, meat was regular in Novak Djokovic’s diet. He even wrote about it in his book “Serve to Win.” To be more specific, he wrote that one should add meat proteins to their diet. The diverse and high-quality food is a prerequisite for athletes who make an enormous effort and who need to get much-needed energy.


2. Mental strength

Novak Djokovic is famous for his mental strength, and there is no doubt that in this segment he was the strongest person. However, after Wimbledon, that changed. He knew how to play the best tennis at the toughest moments and to beat the opponents with his stamina and determination. Rarely would you see him displaying anger. Djokovic proved in the US Open how strong he was. Although the crowd was on Roger Federer’s side and they were shouting his name, Novak said after the match that he had closed his eyes and instead of “Roger” he heard “Novak.”

3. Hungry for Wins

Novak Djokovic had a clear objective until September 2016. This goal was to win as many trophies as possible, and this strategy proved successful. He won 12 grand slam titles, and no-one could even come close to him. It was an absolute domination. The media were competing to bring the best description of Novak’s beasty performance. It seemed as if he was going for another powerful yet quiet finish of the season.

4. The Family is Key

Novak has been married to Jelena Ristic since 2014, but they had been dating for a long time. In 2014, their son Stefan was born. Novak declared how much he has grown since he became a father and his confidence has also increased. When the baby was born, Novak was playing better tennis, and you could see that he was more confident and determined.

5. Tennis Above All

The life of a professional athlete is far from being easy. Sometimes it may be hard and mundane to practice three times a day, to shower five times a day, to pack and unpack towels, shirts, etc., to be with your team all the time, to travel from one continent to another, to stay in different hotels and to talk only about tennis. The life of a tennis player is not that glamorous as many people believe. Djokovic managed to find the balance and focus on the game as much as possible.

Now we are going to take a look at what are the things that changed for Novak Djokovic. Why did he lose the number one spot?

1. Diet Change

Novak Djokovic became a vegan and meat is no longer in his diet. Everyone noticed that he lost too much weight. Those who watch matches say that his strokes are not as powerful as before. There are a lot of speculations about whether eating meat is beneficial or not, but we can see that Novak’s physical strength is not at the highest level anymore.


2. Confidence Loss

We can see the Serb throwing his racquet, ripping off his shirt, arguing with the chair umpire. This is not the same Novak as before, and when he is not playing well, he becomes angry. Although getting upset is a natural reaction, he must keep his composure and regain confidence if he wants to be number one again.

3. Love and Peace

Novak Djokovic shocked the world with his statement in September. He said: ”Being number one is not my priority anymore. Winning grand slam tournaments is not my priority, either. This doesn’t mean I will not fight, but I have other priorities in life.” Novak Djokovic is talking about his family. Pepe Imaz has followed Djokovic on his tournaments lately, and he was the one who advocates the “Love and Peace” life philosophy.

4. Family issues

The Serbian tennis player said that he had family problems and this came into focus after Wimbledon. He stated: ”Just like everyone else, I have issues in my family life too, that I need to solve, just like every other human being. It is just a period in life. It happened then, but it is behind me now and life goes on.”

5. Tennis is not a priority

For Novak Djokovic, tennis is no longer his priority in life. His habits have changed. Of course, the life exists outside the tennis court. If he practiced more, there is no doubt that he would get back on track quickly.

Do you think that Novak Djokovic can be dominant again?