Microsoft – Windows Solitaire available on iOS and Android

Back in the day, most PC users did not have strong enough machines to support larger games. Even if they could, gaming was not as big as it is today and people did not have a lot of titles to choose from. All they had were simple titles that came preinstalled together with the Windows OS.

The nostalgia is big with these games and everyone remembers them fondly. When the internet cut out, it was the best pastime because it was still something to do on the computer. Among all of them, a certain digital card game is by far the most popular.

What many people fondly and clearly remember is the game called Solitaire. It is a computer game all of us used to play on our old Windows desktop computers.

Unfortunately for players of this game, with technological advances and also because of it is not free anymore, it became outdated.

However, a new app has been introduced by Microsoft. It is called Solitaire Collection, and it consists of three card games – Spider, Freecell, and Klondike. You can play free Klondike here. It is the Solitaire we know, and now it is available on our iOS and Android phones. What’s more, it is free. Not only does it contain the features of the traditional version, but it has the well-known jumping of the cards and shuffling sounds, as well.

The app functions on mobile devices and tablets, and it provides players with daily challenges in games that have four levels of difficulty. Xbox Live integration enables experienced players access to competitions, multi-player games, and rewards. Moreover, the ones who play Solitaire on a Windows gadget will have an opportunity to build their scores and sync their accounts.

What is also available is Premium Edition priced at $1,99 (£1,60) a month, with no adverts and with some extra features. In the name of their worldwide launch, Microsoft will enable players to use the upgraded version free for the next month. The importance of this launch is also reflected in the fact it is the first time a 25-year-old game can operate on systems other than Windows.

While there are other Solitaire games available in the App Store and the Google Play store, Microsoft claims Solitaire to be the ‘world’s number one’ version. More than 119 million people have played it on Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers.

This is not all as Microsoft promised an upgrade to Paint. According to their statement, this program will be capable of using 3D in the upcoming Windows 10 update and the launch comes a month after that announcement has been made.

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