Novak Djokovic will no longer be in Top 4 on the ATP list

For the first time in 10 years, Novak Djokovic is dropping out of the top-4 on ATP list.

The last time Djokovic was the fifth world’s player was back in 2007, on June 25. Until that year he had won only two trophies in his career (Amersford and Mec), and from that time he managed to take five more (Vienna, Rogers Cup, Estoril, Master Miami, Adelaide).

Djokovic is currently the fourth player in the world with 6.325 points, but he will lose 1,000 points before the Rogers Cup in Montreal, where he defends the title.

Among his rivals from the top of the ATP list, only Stanislas Wawrinka has lost points, 360 in total from the semifinals of the tournament but he will still overtake him on the list.

The first three Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will keep their points they won at Wimbledon because they did not play last year in Toronto.

Djokovic’s drop was inevitable after he lost his title in Madrid and Roland Garros in May, he could have even returned to the top position in London, but he had to give up the quarterfinals match due to an injury and problems with his elbow.

Due to this issue, it is certain that Djokovic will miss the Rogers Cup, and his appearance at the US Open in early September, where he is supposed to defend the finals, is also under the question mark.

Except for these two tournaments, Djokovic didn’t make any other significant results last year, so if he decides to appear on some of the forthcoming tournaments, he might advance on the ATP list by the end of the season.