Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys – Preseason Week 3 Predictions

Source: sportingnews.com

The Dallas Cowboys offense in the first half looked really good. If McFadden hadn’t fumbled that ball on the second drive, this Cowboys’ starting crew on the offensive side of the ball would have looked even more impressive. After not being all that good against the Rams, they bounced back with a really nice performance against the Colts. Now, they are going to host the Raiders in their fourth Preseason game.

If Coach Jason Garrett decides not to put the starting unit in the Preseason anymore, the fans would have nothing against it. They have done everything they needed to do in the first half of this match. Prescott has shown that he is going to be tough to deal with in his second season while Dez showed some glimpses of his former self from the days when he was considered to be one of the best wide receivers.

Source: sportingnews.com

The Cowboys are hoping that they can find a solid backup to Dak Prescott in case something happens to him. But, in the last two games, Kellen Moore really didn’t show anything for the Cowboys fans to be happy about in case he needs to enter the field if Dak Prescott goes down. His performance is going to be something that Cowboys’ fans will watch closely.

On the other hand, Ezekiel Elliot’s absence in the first six games of the season is not going to matter if Darren McFadden runs the ball the way he did against the Colts. He needs to build his form on that performance from Saturday.

We think that he will do just that and that the Dallas Cowboys are going to win this game against the Oakland Raiders. The Cowboys will end up beating the Raiders 23:21.