BREAKING NEWS: WWE ace Dana Brooke’s bodybuilding boyfriend Dallas McCarver dead at 26 after ‘choking on food’

Dallas McCarver, the boyfriend of Dana Brooke famous WWE star, was found dead in his home. Well-known bodybuilder and participant of Mr. Olympia was 26 old, and according to reports, he choked on food.

Prior to this unfortunate event, Brooke talked to McCarver, and everything seemed just fine. Later on that evening a friend found him unconscious.


During that day Dallas had his routine workout session, and Brooke stated that all was well. Nothing indicates that there was some foul play regarding this event.

WWE superstar also added that she knows that McCarver would want his fans to stay strong.

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Bodybuilding was this guys life, and he was well-known among the fans of the sport. It is not hard to remember a man that is 6 ft 1 in and 300 lbs and fully dedicated to his body.


We have already mentioned that he participated in Mr. Olympia and in 2016 he ended 8th. He and Brooke (Ashley Mae Sebra) were dating for quite a while, and she was in the WWE all the way back from 2013.

Dallas McCarver RIP our friend.

Posted by Aaron Singerman on Tuesday, August 22, 2017