Oddmakers Announce Another Celebrity Appearance at Wrestlemania!

The results of WWE matches are known to the company’s story writers and stars that perform in them even before they set their feet in the ring. Majority of the fans can predict the outcome of almost all clashes. But sometimes they can surprise us with an unexpected twist; we’ll give them that.

But even the fact that matches are scripted doesn’t prevent the oddsmakers to give their predictions for wrestling matches. Yes, you can put bets on sports entertainment, as little sense that makes. Not only that, they have even become the primary sources of news and insider information that surface before the biggest pay-per-view events.

Yesterday we informed you that there is 99% chance that one of the biggest WWE starts in history will make an appearance. Of course, we are talking about The Rock. Also, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll see him on April 8th, but our money is on the bet that we won’t see him. The odds were too good to pass. A win-win situation to say so. If he appears, we’ll lose the money, but we’ll see The Great One at Wrestlemania. If he doesn’t, we have our money with a touch of disappointment.

But here we’re not talking about him. Another big name is rumored to have a role to play at the biggest stage of them all. The man in question is no other than The Notorious Conor McGregor. Betting website Oddschecker is sure that we will see The Irishman in New Orleans.

The spokesperson for Oddschecker Geroge Elek said: “As with any Wrestlemania, one of the biggest talking points is what celebrities and sports stars will turn up on the night. One of the more vocal celebrities rumored to be in attendance is the Notorious Conor McGregor – and if bookies are correct – he could well be appearing on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Bookies have priced up McGregor as 7/4 to appear at the event, which for reference is the same price Manchester City were to win the Premier League this season.”

For all of you not familiar with Premier league of England, Manchester City is one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, with arguably football’s (soccer) best head coach at the helm, and a team filled with superstars. With eight rounds left to play, and 16 point advantage over the second team in the league, they are a lock for Premiere title. This prompts us to think that same goes for McGregor and Wrestlemania.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Rock and McGregor at Wrestlemania? Or you don’t have faith in bookmakers?