The Game: Escape Game In Paris

We know that Paris and France has a lot to offer in terms of great looking buildings, monuments, parks and similar. But, it seems that new things are arriving, and those include Escape Game In Paris that invites you to go on an adventure in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

To start the game, you will need a team of three to five people that will get a task to solve. During your mission, you will be able to discover secret paths, and you will need to solve various enigmas and give answers to important questions. For all that, you and your team will have only one hour.

Currently, there are many different types of missions but here are some of the most popular that can be chosen.

Metro Paris – Escape Game

Sometimes a simple metro ride can turn into a nightmare. In this mission you are coming to Cardinal Lemoine station but before you arrive at the station train stops. At first, you might think that this is a simple traffic regulation due to congestion, but soon you find out that another train is coming your way and that the collision can’t be avoided unless you and your team solve this puzzle.

The Treasure Of Templars – Assassin’s Creed

If you like legends then you know that Templars’ Order possessed the valuable treasure, and according to those stories, Cardinal Lemoine was one of the people that last saw it after which it disappeared. Your goal is to find and retrieve this massive fortune, and the first thing here is to contact descendants of Cardinal Lemoine that will give you the clues. Pieces of the story need to be puzzled together, and it is uncertain where it will take you.

The French Robbery

As soon as Max is released from jail, he starts plotting another heist. This time, his target is heavily guarded safe in which the police inspector, that was also in charge of his fall, keeps files that can put Max behind bars for a very long time. For this robbery to be successful, Max needs a team of highly skilled professionals, and that is where you and your crew come to play.

The Plane

You are at the Cardinal Lemoine airport, and your plane at gate 4 is on time. You have everything worked out, but you are still nervous even if you know that the airplanes are the safest way of public transportation. You are in, strapped to your seat and the crew is taking the plane to the runway. What could possibly go wrong? Enter this mission and find out.

The Kidnapping

This mission puts you and your team in the lead of investigation that has a goal of finding and freeing of Lise. She is a well-known dancer in Paris cabarets that has been kidnapped. You have only one hour to find Lise and save her from dangerous kidnappers. Authentic atmosphere of 1950s Paris will nicely complement this story and will allow you to further develop your skills.

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