One Amazing Deadpool 2 Scene Might Get Cut

Deadpool is officially underway, and there is so much excitement all around the world with most of the news concerned about Cable and Domino. These two characters are definitely going to make the sequel better, but there are so many that return from the first movie such as Weasel and Dopinder. T.J. Miller said that there is an interesting story concerning these two in Deadpool 2, but he is not sure whether it will be included in the final version of the movie.

Miller declared: “The cab driver, Karan Soni, and Weasel have a pretty funny storyline, which I’m not positive is going to be in [the movie], but they were talking about it and it was really making me laugh. And I like him, I did Office Christmas Party with him, and he’s very funny, very quick and so — because we didn’t cross paths in the original film. … So y’know [fans can expect] stuff like that. I think they’re really building out the world and deciding kind of what’s next.”

Deadpool 2 is just getting started, so it is too early to talk about scenes and which will make the final cut and which won’t. It all boils down to the relevance of the segment, and it may be taken out in post-production, but after Miller had said it, we are so anxious to see this scene. Provided the scene is eventually cut, well, hopefully, we can see it as a deleted scene in the home media release or someone would, later on, reveal it to the public.

Both of those characters were important in the original Deadpool, but interestingly enough, they never met. Our guess is that these two will also have significant roles in Deadpool 2, but since Cable and Domino will be introduced, Weasel and Dopinder may get less screen time.

Vanessa, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus and Blind Al are also expected in Deadpool 2 whereas Wade Wilson’s enemy in the sequel will be Jack Kesey’s, Black Tom Cassidy. There is nothing about the plot at this point, but the new movie will set the fundamental elements for the X-Force team.

Deadpool 2 Premiere Date

Deadpool 2 will premiere on June 1, 2018.