Rick And Morty Newest Episode Air Date!


Every single one of us Rick And Morty fans had a rough time these last few months. With only two seasons aired we really didn’t have much to look forward especially if you take into account that the second season ended in October 2015. Rumors and clips from ‘the new season’ surface every now and then but we didn’t have any solid evidence of Season 3 coming out. Nothing has been confirmed on top of that. However, we can say now that we have some serious reasons to believe and predict when the new episode of the series will air. We’ll give you a quick hint: in the near future!


Later this week we’ll have the opportunity to watch Rick and Morty via live stream which is courtesy of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The event which will be held in LA has been sold out, and we know little when it comes to details, but the show’s official Twitter page described this as ‘a spontaneous evening of Rick and Morty.’ Considering everything we know about the show and the Season 3 we expect the release of the new episode right there. Ambiguous description of the live stream and the way they handled the sequel just hints at that.

One of the reasons behind the delay between season 2 and the upcoming continuation of the story is the fact that ‘writing season 3 is quite harder than writing season 1 and 2’ according to Dan Harmon. Actually, the sequel has been written last November, and in April there was a statement that it would make its debut this summer. Even though we have no official release date, we think that release of an episode via live stream could just be the way to feed us, hungry fans who have been waiting for all that too long.

Considering how Adult Swim surprised its fans by airing the Season 3 premiere out of the blue on April 1, when the episode was played multiple times during the Rick and Morty marathon we expect the newest episode to have the same treatment. And there, out of that fact we raise you this question: If the first episode aired like that, why shouldn’t it also be the case with the second episode?


We still don’t know much about the live stream for which we believe that will serve as a medium for airing the newest episode. The aforementioned event will take place on Thursday, June 29 at 5 p.m. CT/6 p.m. and it will last for two hours. The hosting duo will, of course, consist of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. At that exact same time, the live stream will commence at adultswim.com.

We have to remind you that you shouldn’t celebrate the newest episode yet. This is still unofficial. We can’t guarantee that the live stream will be used to air another part of the story. We just strongly believe in that possibility.