One of your favorite characters in Deadpool is coming back for the upcoming sequel

Nowadays, the movie industry is swarming with superhero films, and we might be approaching to a dangerously high number for the market to take on. The omnipresence of such titles makes it hard for some to break through and some critics are concerned that the audience will become satiated at one point. However, there has been an exception to this situation. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool was a proof alone that this movie genre can still find its place in the hearts of many with all the innovation and novelties it provides. The sequel is in the process of making at the moment as Ryan has been updating the fans via social media. The last update was his photo while filming with Leslie Uggams, or Blind Al. Take a look.

Leslie was a big surprise of the first Deadpool movie. She made her first appearance in the shot with Wade. They build a weird relationship in which Al was there to make fun of Wade and tease him constantly by referring to him as a dumbass.

The bond between Deadpool and Al might have seemed to be humorous and superficial, but in fact, it is a reflection of Wade Wilson’s inner vision of himself and his self-loathing. Deadpool is disgusted by his physical looks, and for that reason he couldn’t get together with Vanessa again. However, it is precisely Al’s state that makes it possible for Wade to take a breather and enjoy. She is unable to make out the problems he is having with his skin which is why he feels like the old himself before he enlisted to take part in the experiments that made him what he is.

So, the fans are now eager to see how these relationships will continue to develop and grow in the next Deadpool sequel. Let’s hope that the plot for this installment will arrive soon.

Deadpool 2 is set to come on the big screens on June 1, 2018.