Tapper: “No DE Beats My Speed At 270lbs”


Dallas Cowboys defensive end Charles Tapper has had a very long first year in the NFL as he spent the whole rookie season being on the IR. A year away from the game has made him really hungry and the training camp can’t come soon enough for the young Dallas Cowboys defensive end. There is no doubt that he is ready to prove that he belongs on this roster and to show everybody what he can do.

This guy stated that he thinks that he is a lot stronger than he was a year ago, which just makes him excited to start working in the camp. Him and coach Marinelli have had a good conversation and they look to be on the same page. All he wants is a chance to prove himself, to put on those pads again and get back to doing what he loves to do.


When he had his interview a couple of days ago this weekend, the young defensive end just pointed out how unreal it feels to be just a couple of days away from the training camp, the excitement with which he was talking in the interview was pretty visible.

The coaches told him to keep focusing on his running, and he acknowledged that the conditioning is pretty important. That is what he wants to work on going into the season. He also thinks that he is one of the fastest players out there at his position as he did run 4.59 at the 40-yard dash.

“I mean, we’re competitors, so we look at the performances but I can tell you nobody beat my speed for defensive ends at 270 pounds. I still have that and I’m proud of it.”