Thar Be Giants ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 News!

Fans of the Attack on Titan rejoice! After the season 2 cliffhanger, all those that follow this breakout anime show have something to be happy about! After worries that they’ll have to go through yet another painfully long hiatus, the season 3 has been confirmed! And not only that but it will also air earlier than expected!

Funimation, the American distributor and licensor of Attack on Titan, revealed that the Season 3 will be released in Spring 2018. This announcement came recently at the Anime Expo 2017! Scouting Legion will be back to destroying cannibalistic giants no later than May next year!

Season 3 Plot?

Surviving members of the Survey Corps and Eren, Armin and Mikasa discovered a lot about the world they live in by the end of season two. One of these discoveries was the Colossal Titan population that lives within the walls. They have also learned about the smart Beast Titan and that the humans aren’t extinct after all. As if all of that wasn’t enough they also apprehended that all of the Titans were humans back in the day.

These are some serious revelations, but not one is as significant as this one: Eren’s power to ‘coordinate’ lesser Titans! That might be the only explanation why the Titan Shifters (Bertolt, Reiner, Annie) and their masters were putting so much effort into capturing Eren alive. Is it because Eren can use Titans to fight for humans? Surely that is a great advantage for humans.

We expect Season 3 to pick up where season 2 ended. And by that we mean that ‘The Uprising’ from the original manga series will probably be adapted into season 3. We will most likely get a more detailed look at society since the political elite, and the mysterious Church of the Wall cult do their best to use Eren’s powers for their own ‘unclean’ purposes. The main battle between the humans and Titans will probably be set aside in this sequel because humans now fight among themselves. Be prepared for a violent power struggle between the ruling monarchy and the military!

There were some rumors about season 3 having 25 episodes. If that turns out to be true, we might even see the realization of the ‘Return to Shiganshina’ arc too. The story should follow Survey Corps successful eradication of the Titans, at least they will push them back to Wall Maria before a four-year time skip. This arc was even hinted at in a teaser trailer for Season 3.

However, not everyone was happy with that. Many fans were angered because to some manga readers this was a huge spoiler. Many were angered by the fact that Attack on Titan season 2 was almost two times shorter than the first one. Season 1 lasted for 25 episodes and season 2 only aired 12 of them. According to producers, we should point our fingers at ‘the busy schedule’ of Wit Studios. The company is also working on projects such as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and The Ancient Magnus Bride.

Of course, these projects take a hefty amount of time, manpower and resources from the continuation of Attack on Titan. All of that results in spin-off materials, OVAs (original video animations) and a pair of live-action movies whose only purpose is to capitalize on the title’s incredible popularity. Fortunately, it looks like Wit Studios are now aiming to make up for previous delays by devoting all of their attention to Attack on Titan Season 3!