One Punch Man Season 2 release date with spoilers! You have been warned!

As most of you, fans primarily, know the season one of this superhero anime parody has ended its 12 episode run about a year ago, and people are going crazy over the possibility of season two. It has been rumored and teased, but for almost a year, we didn’t get anything. Until now.

According to some speculations from online sources, we might see a season two of One Punch Man before the year ends, but as it is with rumors and speculations, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until something official is released. The thing I am saying here is confirmed by the last story that made the fans believe that the November is the month for the possible series return but since there have been no updates from either Madhouse or any of the One Punch Man cast that theory just fell through the roof.


Another thing is that the news of the series entering production was only released earlier this year, and the amount of work needed to prepare everything and to put the story together may delay the whole thing until early next year. According to the pre-production work on the series began in March, which means that the One Punch Man sequel may not actually make it on air until spring or summer 2018. If you do the math and some research you will find out that it takes around 6-9 months to finish an anime that has around 12 to 15 episodes, plus there is post production work which takes some time as well and the network publicity time makes the November date nearly impossible to meet.

There is also one more important thing here. We haven’t seen any information regarding the plot that will find its way into season 2 of this anime series. There were some speculations regarding Saitama’s origins being uncovered and the potential revelation of the mysterious Blast’s real identity, but nothing official from anybody important to the series. Saitama also finds himself pitted against two possible adversaries – Garou and Lord Boros, with a lot of fans hoping for a serious match between Caped Baldy and his cyborg apprentice, Genos. There were also talks that Saitama might be romantically tied to someone which will result in him losing his powers, but that is unconfirmed as well.

So you definitely see a pattern here. As far as the season 2 story is considered, there is a lot of guessing and wishing, but nothing official has come up yet. It is better to wait a little while for the storyline as well as the release date from someone involved in the ongoing production work.