Online Casinos: The Netflix Effect

If it’s been a few years since you played any casino games at all, you might be surprised by how much things have changed. We don’t mean with respect to classic games like roulette, poker, or blackjack. Save for a few regional variants those games are played in exactly the same way they always have been – and they probably always will be. We mean the complete revolution that’s happened in the world of slots.

Depending on your age and your exposure to gambling, slots may mean one of many different things to you. You might think of a three-reeled one-armed bandit game, where you pull a lever to test your luck. Alternatively, you might be imagining a cabinet with multiple buttons, and fruit and jewels on the reels. Coins get put in at the top, the buttons light up, and from there, you press the buttons to spin the reels and take your chances. In truth, if you have either of these images in your head, you’re more than a few years out of date.

We live in an age where we’re all slowly becoming immune to adverts on the internet, but even if you never click on them, you wouldn’t have been able to miss the seemingly never-ending stream of adverts for online slots websites. Even if you don’t come across them on the internet by virtue of any ad-blocking software you might be using, they turn up everywhere else. They’re on television late at night. They’re even sometimes on the radio. Slots have become online, and they are omnipresent. No matter who you are, there’s seemingly an online slots website such as tailor-made for you.

The fact that so many online slots websites have appeared in such a short time isn’t really surprising. In a time where the global economy is seemingly more uncertain and perilous with every passing hour, day, and week, gambling is constantly making more and more money. The recent relaxation of sports betting regulations in the United States of America has had some impact on that, but the increasing availability of online slots websites is having a strong say in the fortunes of the entire sector, too. When we say ‘fortunes,’ we really mean it. According to the most recent figures available, the global market is now worth five hundred billion dollars each year, and it’s likely to carry on rising. With so much money available, it’s no wonder that more and more people want to get involved – and with many companies offering franchise models, getting involved has never been easier.

When we talk about ‘The Netflix Effect’ when it comes to gambling and online slots, though, we don’t just mean the sheer volume of casinos and websites out there. We also mean the content of those websites. Earlier on, we said that if you visualize a cabinet with fruits and jewels on the reels when you think of slots, your information is out of date. Games like that do still exist in the world of online slots, but they’re considered to have a ‘classic’ or ‘traditional’ theme. In other words, they’re old-school. The latest generation of online slots developers and providers work with many different themes and ideas now, and they’ve started to play with the conventions of what an online slots game looks like and feels like.

For a start, you can now play online slots games to match your mood, interests, and attitude to risk. If you’re a basketball fan, you can play an online game based on basketball. If you’re interested in travel or history, there are online slots available that cover pretty much every major civilization and nation that’s ever existed on Earth. Officially-licensed online slots games contain visuals, sound effects, and even voice-overs from famous movies and television shows. There’s even a chance that your favorite band or musician has their own online slots game. Netflix has been successful because it allows viewers to effectively create their own personalized television channel. The diversity of modern online slots websites allows gamblers and gamers to more-or-less create their own personalized casino. The appeal is the same in both cases.

With the digital format allowing for so much more variation than the physical format, there’s now no longer any need for online slots to be constrained to the same layout as their physical counterparts. A slots game no longer has to have a symmetrical or even number of reels or rows, and nor is it limited to having a mere five or ten fixed paying lines or ways to win. The more advanced online slots at the top of the market offer literally tens of thousands of ways to win on every spin, and offer immersive bonus ‘side games’ where the reels disappear, and something completely new takes their place. In some cases, it’s hard to differentiate between what’s an online slots game, and what’s a video game. Online slots aren’t just graded on how likely they are to provide you with a financial return any more – they’re also graded on entertainment.

With all of this going on, online slots and online gambling make a great investment opportunity or new business idea for the here and now. The market is going through the roof, legislation is moving in favor of allowing the freedom to gamble to more citizens around the world, and the sophistication of the technology involved gets better every year. It’s not just a growth market, it’s a booming market, and there’s still room for more people to get involved if they have a sound business proposal and the requisite skills to take advantage of it.

Other entertainment ideas might come and go, but gambling is a habit and a hobby that’s as old as civilization itself, and it may never have been in better health than it is right now. ‘The Netflix Effect’ has brought greater depth and diversity to the range of gambling products on offer, and the revenue figures alone confirm that the audience is getting bigger. Whether you’re an owner, an operator, an investor, or a player, these are exciting times to be involved in the online slots game.