Orton vs. Wyatt Not For The WWE Title?


On the first episode of Smackdown Live after the Wrestlemania 33, we have seen Bray Wyatt challenging Randy Orton in a House of Horrors match. That happened right after Wyatt lost the title to The Viper at the grandest stage of them all and the duel was supposed to be a rematch for the Wolrd Title that The Eater Of Worlds has the right to. But, is this title match dropped?

The showdown between Orton and Wyatt is still on for the Payback PPV, but it looks that it’s just going to be a regular match and not for the championship. Jinder Mahal has won the number one contender spot on Smackdown Live this past Tuesday, and he is going to be the challenger for Randy Orton at Backlash PPV in May.


The commentators talked about Jinder challenging like Bray Wyatt, and the House of Horrors match didn’t even exist. That is a strong indication that Orton’s title won’t be on the line against Wyatt. Also, WWE’s official website and their Instagram account haven’t referred to this duel as a championship battle. They just announced it as the gimmick match, but WWE title was never mentioned.

If this is the case, it’s going to make this fight a bit more unpredictable and interesting. There is no way that Bray would win that match if the belt was on the line as he is now on Raw. The company is not going to take the biggest title on Smackdown and just transition it to Monday Nights. Now, when the title is not on the menu, Wyatt might win, and that would be the best decision that the writers can make.