Will Roman Reigns Be On Monday Night Raw Next Week?


As most of the wrestling fans already know, Roman Reigns brother has passed away two days ago. Matt Anoa’i was a former WWE superstar who worked for the company for over four years and went under the name of Rosey. Their father was also a professional wrestler and is in the WWE Hall of Fame now, so it’s not surprising that his sons followed his footsteps.


Roman was also involved in a big segment with Braun Strowman last week as The Moutain Of A Man gave him the beating of his life in one of the most brutal segments on Raw in recent history. It was so brutal that the writers had no choice but to write off Roman in order to sell the injuries and to make the segment look legitimate.

He missed this week’s Monday Night Raw during which Braun Strowman continued his domination over the red brand’s roster as he went on a backstage rampage yet again, which was the continuation of building him up as a legit monster. He even broke the ring with the Big Show, in a very well done spot that made the night of most of the fans in the stands.


Considering that his brother just passed away, and the storyline injuries that Reigns suffered, it is very unclear if he is going to show up on Monday Night. There are no reports that he is either going to be there or to miss the event. The match between him and Braun is scheduled for next Sunday, and that is the only reason for him to be there to build it up. If the PPV wasn’t next week, Roman would likely have take time off.