What Should You Know About the Pirates Voyage Dinner Show?

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Dinner shows are something excellent to include in your next travel itinerary if they’re available. They’re entertaining for all ages, and everyone can have fun while enjoying a meal. Of course, as with anything, some dinner shows are better than others.

One of the best-rated dinners shows in the country is Pirates Voyage, which is available in Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach.

According to Vacations Made Easy, the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Pirates Voyage show is the original, and it was so popular that it was also opened in Pigeon Forge.

If you’re considering the Pirates Voyage show, what should you know beforehand and is it right for your family’s travel plans?

An Overview

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The Pirates Voyage of Myrtle Beach is themed around pirates that sailed the coast of the Carolinas at one point. The Pirates Voyage centers around characters including Blackbeard as well as his quartermaster Calico Jack. There are then the Crimson and Sapphire ship crews.

The show is about the pirates searching for Davey Jones sunken treasure.

As with many similar dinner shows, the audience is divided into two crews at Pirates Voyage, and so it feels as if you’re battling against one another.

The show is action-packed and includes canons, aerial and acrobat acts, and sword fighting.

The battles between the pirate crews occur on the water, in the air, and on deck.

What’s really unique about the show is the fact there’s an indoor hideaway lagoon that’s 15 feet deep, and the backdrop also includes mermaids, birds and sea lions.

What Should You Expect While You’re at the Show?

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The doors to the Pirates Voyage show will usually open around 50 minutes before the performance begins, and the show itself lasts around two hours. If you get there early, there’s a pre-show in Pirates Village which includes singing pirates and a few tricks.

In the waiting area of the show, there is plentiful seating if you do get there early, and you can buy popcorn and drinks.

You can also pay around $20 before the show to join the pirate crew, so you can get your face painted, costume accessories and flags.

If you want to do this, reserve a spot ahead of time.

There’s a gift shop, and you can find items at a range of prices.

The Show

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The show itself, during its two-hour run, will include the things mentioned above and there are a lot of surprises. According to reviews, the plot is fun, and there are singing and dancing in addition to action and adventure.

The show is somewhat interactive since you are given a pirate team that you cheer for. Sometimes there is audience participation as well.

As far as seating, any place you’re seated in the theater is going to have a fairly good view, but if you want the best view, you can pay the upcharge and sit the preferred section.

The Food

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There is a set menu with Pirates Voyage, which is common with family-themed dinner shows.

You can request a gluten-free or vegetarian meal at the time you make your reservation, however.

There are basic beverages, and you can buy other beverages when the show starts. The menu includes chicken, pork, vegetable soup, corn on the cope, a potato, bread, and an apple pie pastry.

According to most reviews of the Pirates Voyage show in both Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge, the food is good, tastes fresh and is plentiful.

What Else Should You Know?

If you visit the Pirates Voyage show during the holiday season, there is a specially-themed holiday show. It includes Captain Scrooge, and he journeys with the Mystical Christmas Spirit to discover what the true meaning of the holidays is.

The holiday version of the Pirates Voyage show also includes aerial artists dressed as Christmas toys and a live nativity scene.

The theater where the Pirates Voyage show takes place used to be home to Dolly Parton’s Stampede show, and it’s since gone under major renovations and includes a 750,000-gallon pool which is the central feature of the show.

The show is in North Myrtle Beach, and it’s convenient to reach from most areas of the Grand Strand. There are also other nearby shows at the Carolina Opry and the Alabama Theater.

While the show is relatively expensive, most people feel it’s well worth the money. There are also ways to save, such as buying tickets as part of a package or through an online discount retailer.