Shapewear Buying Essentials That You Need to know

Shapewear is one of the most important types of lingerie that you can own—but how much do you really know about buying the right kind of shapewear? The following is a guide to the most important shapewear essentials that you need to know if you want to get the most out of your lingerie purchase.

Choosing a Size

The first thing you need to consider when buying shapewear is the size. It can be tempting—and many women make this mistake—to buy shapewear that is too small for your body. The mistaken impression that many people have is that buying shapewear in a smaller size will give you a better and slimmer look—but this is a mistake you will definitely want to avoid. Buying shapewear in a smaller size can cause muffin tops and it can even cut off your circulation and make you dizzy or sick.

Only buy shapewear in your correct size; the correct size will provide you with the correct amount of constriction without being uncomfortable or even dizziness-inducing. If you aren’t sure what size you should get, consult the size charts for that brand or ask a customer service representative for advice.

Choosing Constriction Level

Another element you will need to consider when buying shapewear is the constriction level. Most brands like HauteFlair Shapewear describe their constriction level as: low constriction, medium constriction, and strong constriction. Low constriction provides very minimal shaping and is often used for aesthetic lingerie, such as using as an anchor for garters and other types of sexy lingerie. Medium constriction will provide moderate shaping that will smooth down your lumps, bumps and muffin top. Total constriction will give more of a “body transformation” amount of shaping, which makes it the more dramatic of the constriction levels. Carefully consider what type of shaping you want or need before deciding on a level.

Choosing a Style

The final major element you’ll need to consider when buying shapewear is the style. There are many different shapewear styles available today, including:

  • Full body shapewear; this type of shapewear starts either above or below the bust and extends down to at least the knees
  • High waisted shapewear; this type of shapewear extends to just underneath the bust and extends to about mid-thigh
  • Standard shapewear; this type of shapewear extends to just above the belly button and extends down to about mid-thigh or lower
  • Stomach shapewear; this shapewear typically covers only the stomach area

These are just the most common types of shapewear, as you can find many other unique styles when you start shopping. Which style is best for your needs will depend on what you are wearing and the type of shaping you want for your body. If you’ll be wearing a form fitting dress, a full body shapewear is the best option; but if you just need some control over your muffin top when wearing a regular dress, then a stomach-only shapewear may be the best option.

Another style element you’ll need to consider—though it is less important than the overall style itself—is the color. The most common shapewear colors are black, white, and nude. Use common lingerie sense when picking out a color—in other words, choose the color that won’t be showing through your clothes!

Where to Buy Shapewear

Where you buy your shapewear can be just as important as the type of shapewear you own! You should look for shops that specialize in shapewear and read reviews on best spanx shapewear options. The specialized shops will also have the widest range of products, sizes and overall style options.