Packers Run The Table Efforts Ended In Atlanta On Sunday

After falling to 4-6, Aaron Rodgers felt that his team could run the table and make it to the postseason with six straight wins. Aaron backed up his words and had one of the best stretches of his career as he didn’t throw a single interception in those six games and has led his team to victory in all six contests.

Packers went to the Playoffs as they earned the 4th overall seed in the NFC since they were able to win the NFC North with a victory over the Lions in Week 17. Giants defense was no match for hot Aaron Rodgers who lit them up in the second half even without his top guy and pretty much default choice Jordy Nelson.

They went on to face the Dallas Cowboys in the Big D. Packers offense was again unstoppable as Rodgers had monster figures, leading his team to close victory. Crosby nailed a game-winning field goal, and the Green Bay Packers were on their way to Atlanta.

But, their defense got exposed. We saw them bent a lot against the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round, but they completely broke against the Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Mike Shanahan’s offense.

It was a miss match for this Packers defense, and that was noticeable on the field. Still, the Green Bay Packers run the table winning streak was pretty amazing to see. Rodgers did some of his best work during these two months that the Packers went undefeated. They will be feeling disappointed, but still, in a couple of days, when they calm down and take a look at what they have done this year, Green Bay will feel proud about their run in 2016.