Top Trade Targets For The Boston Celtics Before The Deadline

Boston Celtics are a pretty good East Coast squad as they are sitting at the third spot in the East right now. They are a lock to make it to the Playoffs and maybe even the second round, but that’s pretty much it. At this moment, it really doesn’t look like they can challenge the Toronto Raptors or the Cleveland Cavaliers for those top spots.

Boston has huge rebounding problems, and that is why Toronto is not a good matchup for them with Valanciunas down low. They need to address their rebounding issues, and these are the players that they should be looking at.

Andrew Bogut, Dallas Mavericks – With Dallas playing only for those ping pong lottery balls now, they don’t need a guy like Bogut on their team. His contract is good as it will expire this season while he is still pretty capable of being a good rebounder, defender, and passer. That is just what the Boston Celtics need from their center.

Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia 76sixers – If Bogut is somewhat a short-term move, grabbing Nerlens Noel can be huge for the years to come. He is a good rebounder, defender, alternates a lot of shot and is pretty active in the paint on offense. With Al Horford at four, Boston could for sure use some athleticism inside and some play above the rim. Nerlens Noel could give them that for years to come. Sixers will be looking to move this guy, and Celtics are a good fit for him.

Tyson Chandler, Phoenix Suns – The same can be said for Chandler. Good rebounder and defender and a one-year rental for the Celtics. They do need a center, and they might be calling Suns office in order to find out if an experienced veteran is available.