Packing Hacks for Moving


If you are moving houses for a good reason, the thought of your new life after the move could be toying in your mind and lighting up your mood for weeks before the move. The truth, however, is that moving from one house to another is quite exhausting; people have taken days off work to do it (these are the lucky ones), while others have lost property along the way. Just taking your belongings from point A to B is easy and anyone can easily do it for a small token. The bulk of the work is in packing your belongings so that you will have an easy time settling into your new premises. Before you panic, here are a few tips to packing smart;

Take pre-pack pictures


You might not want your new house arranged exactly like your old one, but you will appreciate having a pictorial of the connecting wires behind your TV and other electronics. Sometimes we manage to fit the most unlikely things into tiny spaces but have no recollection of how we did it. Having a picture of well-arranged shelves, clothing cabinets and utensils racks will save you time trying to make use of the available space in your new home. While you might have ideas of what you want your new house to look like, recreating your old house, then working forward will save you lots of time, and you need actual photos for this.

Make a toss-or-keep decision

Many of us realize that we have many items of clothing, utensils, stationery and storage materials that we do not use and will probably never need. It is human nature to want to cling to items just because they are in your life, but the truth is that you will not miss them if you let go of them. If you are having a hard time sorting out items to pack versus which ones to leave or give away, think about where you would get each item you want to leave behind if you needed it. If it`s readily available and can be obtained without breaking a sweat, let it go.

Color code the boxes


Color coding is an old age practice and has been used in various industries to distinguish between items that would easily get mixed up. In packing, you need to color code the boxes in which you put your belongings in. The best code to use is rooms because it would mean that everything from a certain room of the old house ends up in a common pile in the new house. If you are working with New Orleans movers, give them a color code scheme to apply to the new house. Most will place a colored paper or write the specific color on the respective door for easy arrangement after unpacking.