10 Tips To Find The Perfect Baby Name

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Child naming is a very important part of parenting. The name of your children has a great influence on them. This is why naming should not be taken for levity. Every individual is identified by a set of names or at least one given name.

Legally, the name of every person should contain the first three names with the family name at the end. According to the United Nations Convention on Child right law states that a child has the right to a name from birth. A name is a universal symbol of identity. This is why you have to pick an awesome name for your baby. Here is a guide to help you pick that perfect name for your baby.

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When choosing a name, let the name suit the gender of your baby. Choose a name that suits a male for a male baby and a suitable feminine name for a female baby. A name that sounds sweet initially may become awkward in the nearest future.

  1. Make it Meaningful

Ensure that the name has a deep meaning. Find a simple name with deep meaning or message. A meaningful name would be very much appreciated by your child when he or she grows up.


You can choose to respect your culture and or tradition when naming your baby. Look down at your family tree and name your child after someone in your family that has an impact on society.

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  1. Pay attention to the future of the name

Check if the name would be an attractive name for an adult. Sometimes, a name that sounds perfect for a baby may not be equally attractive as an adult. Ensure you choose a name which would be love able as an adult as when your child is still a baby.

  1. BE CAREFUL OF Nicknames And Initials

Carefully choose a name which can readily have beautiful Nicknames. People find it handy to give a nickname to every real name. Therefore, considering your child’s nickname beforehand would be best for you and your child’s future friends. Make sure the initials of your baby’s name do not end funny or spelled to connote a wrong meaning.

  1. Repeat the name out loud

Keep resounding the name to ensure the name you have selected does not sound harsh or odd to the earing when called out aloud. Also, do not opt for first names that rhyme with the child’s last name.

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  1. Avoid long And complicated names

Extra-long names can be frustrating. Your child may just end up frustrated with filling forms that endlessly requires names in the future. Give your child a name that can be easily pronounced, spelled and short. This would save your child the trouble of having to keep correcting people over and over.

  1.  Go classic instead of trendy

Give your child a name that is rare and unique. Avoid trendy names because trends go and come. You don’t want your child looking all outdated because of a name. This is why you should choose a unique and classic name instead of a trendy one. However, in your quest for a classic, unique name, do not mix match to create your own name. You might just end up with a meaningless name or a name that sounds irrelevant.

  1. Name YOUR BABY WITH THE NAME you have always dreamt of

As a parent, you might have a name you have always been a wish for your child. It’s time to bring your dreams to life. Go ahead and give your child that dream name of yours. However, do not force the name on your spouse. You both should come to a reasonable conclusion about the name before naming your child.

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You should read a name book while searching for names. This would give you deep insight into several names and their meaning. A name book sometimes can be your best guide to your choice of names for your baby. Alternatively, you can also find baby name ideas online based on language, religion, country, etc. Make a list of the names while reading and compare with your idea of an ideal name for your baby.

It is important you avoid the influence of relatives while choosing your baby name. Choose a name you love and desire to call your baby. With these tips, you are all set for that pretty name you wish to address your baby. Congrats!