Panthers’ Ron Rivera Fell Asleep While Scouting 49ers During Monday Night Football

NFL coaches are people too. That game on Monday night between Rams and 49ers was god awful. Mostly because of Rams inability to get anything going on the offensive side of the ball. Many of us were having a hard time staying awake during that game. Panthers’ head coach Ron Rivera was one of those people.

San Francisco is Carolina’s opponent on Sunday in Week 2, and Rivera was trying to check out his next opponent. But, he was struggling to stay awake during this snoozer.

“Unfortunately, I stayed up and watched. And the reason why I say unfortunately is I fell asleep somewhere in the beginning of the fourth quarter,” Rivera said during Wednesday’s press conference. “But I got to see 3 quarters of it.”

We don’t blame you coach. Some of us have done the same thing, and the other ones just switched the channel. 49ers are not to blame in this situation, they have done their job, they were the ones who actually got the biggest margin of victory in Week 1.

But they are now facing much better team than the one they faced on Monday. Carolina will be ready for this team when the Sunday comes as they are looking to bounce back after losing their Week 1 matchup to the Broncos on opening night.

And Ron Rivera will come prepared. And he won’t fall asleep during the preparations with his team for this game. After all, they are facing San Francisco, not Los Angeles.