Prescott, Cowboys Not Worried About Dez Bryant


Cole Beasley has been targeted two times more than Cowboys’ star wideout Dez Bryant in Week 1. Both coach Garrett and rookie QB Dak Prescott have said that they needed to call more plays for Bryant. And everyone agrees. Still, they are not panicking about their best receiver not having a good game in Week 1. After all, it’s only one game.

Dez did catch a ball in the end zone, but he was ruled out of bounds and TD has been annulled. If he hauls that one in, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.

“We’ll make that connection,” Prescott pointed out. “I’ll put the ball in a better place. He’ll make those catches.”

Bryant was able to catch Dak’s first pass of the game for a gain of 8 yards. And that was about it. Giants defense shut him down for the rest of the match. Grant it; it is an improved Giants defense that’s probably the best D in the division with a couple of cornerbacks that are capable of doing what they did to Dez Bryant. But, we are talking about one of the best Wide Receivers in the game, and he needs to perform better.

Prescott said that Dez will be involved much more on Sunday, but Cowboys won’t force the issue.

“We’ll get him the ball as it comes up in our offense”, he said. “We’re not gonna single out and say Dez has to get the ball on this play,” Prescott stated. “We’ll get better. It’s not a big deal. Nobody’s panicking. We know we are headed in the right direction.”

On Sunday Cowboys will face Washington Redskins that lost to Steelers 38-16 in the opening week.