Why Do Parents Need a Parental Control App?


Since we are living in a digital age, our children are raised in a completely different world from what we’ve been used to. Just think about your childhood and what ways of communication we’ve had back in the day. Today’s kids have either a smartphone or tablet in their hands as soon as they can walk. Plus, schools have adopted this technological approach in every segment of education.

At the same time, all children have their mobile phones to stay in touch with their parents, from toddlers to teens. Without any doubt, by using smartphones for distant communication with their children, parents are relieved of a lot of baggage throughout the day.


But some controversies have risen about this, let’s say, technological approach. Today’s parents are facing a struggle about should they provide digital freedom to their children or no. In case you are interested in taking a look at one of the best parental control apps, be sure to visit the FamiSafe app.

We are fully aware that having complete freedom is something that’s not beneficial for children. Therefore, parents shouldn’t give it all to their children since this freedom can backfire in the future. The reason is that it can affect their ability to develop and learn in later years. At the same time, exposing children to all the dangers of online content and threats is sometimes more than parents can handle.

This is why many parents are now interested in installing a parental control app on their children’s devices, like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. We can even see that there’s a strong movement towards this road and following this trend. That way, they will be to have total control over what their kids are watching online and what they use their devices for. Now, we will provide you with a couple of reasons why we consider the installation of the parental control app a good move for most parents.

1. Monitoring Your Kid’s Devices

We’ve mentioned what’s the whole idea behind installing a parental control app. The thing is, parents will be able to control the content their children are exposed to. It’s of the utmost importance to have at least some kind of control over these processes. The reason being that not all the content you can find online is appropriate for minors.

Plus, you will be able to have an insight into your kid’s emails, social media accounts, texts, and all other activities. Naturally, all of this is done to prevent all the problematic activities and conversations to occur. Some of these apps will have a little API that can notify you whenever your kid comes across some words, like “sex”, “drugs”, “weapons”, etc. That way you will be able to react instantly and prevent unpleasant things to happen.

2. Blocking Certain Elements of Video Game Content


No person in the world hasn’t seen some violent and graphic depictions in video games. Sure, this is something we would like to protect our kids from. However, parents are not always prepared for the kind of dangers that are all around us.

Therefore, installing parental control app is an absolute must since it will provide you with a chance to eliminate similar content and protect your children from it. Different from what we can see, some games look pretty harmless at the beginning, and at some point, they turn into something completely different.

We don’t say that there’s no fun in them. However, some boundaries about the minors playing these games need to exist. There are a lot of psychiatrists who’ve claimed that exposure to this kind of content can develop some problematic behavior with young children. Therefore, we need to censor this kind of content, and what’s the best way to it besides installing this kind of control application.

3. Tracking Kid’s Location


Until kids have reached a certain number of years, parents are the only thing that can protect them from all the dangers of the outside world. The ideal world would be where parents have all the time in the world to commit to their children, as our ancestors had. Sadly, we are living in a pretty busy time and we don’t have so much free time to commit to our kids. Without any doubt, there’s no way that you can know where your child is at all times.

That’s why they have their mobile phones, right? Well, to some extent. But adding a parental control app to their devices will do the trick in the best possible way. You will be fully aware of where your kids are all the time, and you will be able to react if something happens. Don’t think about this as you being overly protective over your children. You should look at it as a measure of precaution for the protection of your kids.

4. Screen Time Limitations


Any parent in the world knows that screen time is pretty addictive for kids. The more time they spend in front of the screen, the more time they will ask for in the future. It can lead to an adulthood spent in front of the TV or mobile phone screen, which can have some devastating effect on a person’s mind. When you compare kids to adults, you will see that breaking their screen time is much harder.

This is the best time for you to see this addictiveness and what effect it has on children. Try to turn off the TV while your kid watches one of its favorite cartoons or TV shows and see what the reaction will be. To prevent this from happening, you, as a parent, need to limit screen time to a reasonable amount. Plus, this should start when your child is still a minor. Without any doubt, you will prevent many dangers that could await in the future.

The Bottom Line

Protecting children from bad outside influence is the ultimate task for every parent. Even though it’s not as easy as would like sometimes, we have to do it if we want the best for our kids. Parental control apps are just a small part, but a really important one, of the bigger picture.