Can A Job Agency Help you Get a Job? 2024 Guide

There are times that we feel the need to change our careers. You might be thinking about the best way you will make this change at this point. You may consider dropping your job applications or using a job agency. However, when it comes to using an employment agency, not all job seekers know how these agencies work.

Whether or not to use a recruiter in your job search will depend on a lot of factors, but you should know that they come in handy in helping companies find you by sharing your resume. You should know that this job agency should not charge you a penny to look for a job for you. They are working on behalf of client companies. Therefore, their client is the company which they are looking for candidates for.

You want someone to understand your experience, but you think you were not asked the right questions in your interviews. You have the skills, but they don’t hire you. You can’t even land a temporary position.

If anything above sounds familiar, then what you need is an employment services agency.

Employment assistance companies are multiplying these days, and not without reason. They serve as a means to connect employees with employers. Here are some reasons why you should register with one.

Job Agencies Help You Find Work


A job agency works for the client companies, and their work is not complete if they do not find job seekers and match them with the available job openings. The job agency is only paid when it fills in the positions, which in all the cases require that they at least recommend a sufficient resume to their respective companies. 

Your Skills Matter In Searching For A Job Through An Agency

A job agency will be of great use for you if you work in a field with a shortage of skilled talent. These positions will often require more people. For instance, many cities require software engineers, and there are few talented people in the field. If you have specific skills that are hard to find, you might find it easy to find work through them. Skills mostly come with a lot of experience in your field. Sometimes you might acquire these skills though through specializing and studying in a particular area.

Job Agencies Often Consider Your Previous Employer

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Most of the time, if you are in a top company that is known for high performance and is recognized for individual specific skills, then you might quickly land a job through a job agency. Companies like Google, LinkedIn are few that have unique skills that will land you a job faster through an employment agency. 

Your Previous Job Position Also Matter

If you are an experienced manager or hold an executive position in a previous company, then through a job agency, you can easily land yourself a well-paying job. Most recruiters will require that they get about 15-20 % of your first salary if they get you a similar or even higher job position in a good company. They will, therefore, spend more time searching for the right spot for you, knowing that they, too, will benefit if you get employed through their staffing agency.

If you are a contractor looking for a temporary position, it is prudent that you talk to several job agencies that might help you find a good contract. It is easy for one to find a temporary job position through job agencies than seeing a full-time job; thus, you might be at an advantageous position if you desire a temporary position.

These agencies will automatically receive a negative review if the job applicant is not prepared, so it is in their best interest to provide the necessary training. They will also improve your resume and give you tips and suggestions to decipher interviews and tests. They will help adapt your needs and skills with those of the employer.

When It Is Difficult To Find A Job Through An Agency


Most of the time, it becomes hard to find a job through a staffing agency if you are an entry-level job seeker. Most of the agencies will find it challenging to find a placement for you, except for the case where they require campus recruiters who have specialized in a specific field at an entry-level. Moreover, if your job does not require a particular skill, or if you lack specialization, it becomes difficult for you to find a job quickly.

How Can a Recruiting Agency Help?

There are different levels of individuals that an employment agency help to get a job. The first group is level job seeker. These are people like college students who want part-time jobs or who are starting their careers.

It also offers jobs to those wanting to change careers. People looking for general duties that don’t require specific skills are also catered for by job agencies.

Salary problems? No way.

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Their objective is to satisfy both parties: the employee and the employer. They will ensure that you obtain the desired payment in the desired manner without creating a conflict with the contracting company. In case you have problems related to paying, any questions related to salary, responsibilities, etc., will be resolved by the agency. The use of this process ensures that the employee and the employer are not in an awkward position. That is because the agency acts as a mediator in handling negotiations between the parties.

Flexible opportunities and step by step preparation

An employment services agency offers you options for temporary jobs, temporary hiring, and direct hiring. Next, you are given step-by-step training to prepare for the right career. Without spending a penny, get personalized coaching, and get a support system from the agency. Sometimes, they also help polish a skill.

Professional representation

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Its cover should not judge a book, but unfortunately, many people do.

In addition to possessing the required skill set, the presentation also plays a vital role in obtaining employment. You must be presentable on the professional front to secure a position in the desired organization. These agencies generally give you advice on the specific attire needed for job interviews and employment; That is another benefit of having these assistance agencies.

If you are still printing your resume in large quantities and leaving it in the company after the company, without knowing if it reaches the right hands or not, then partnering with an employment services agency should be your top priority. In summary, these agencies help significantly with the optimal use of the resources needed for secure employment.