Paypal to Discontinue Support for Windows, BlackBerry, and Amazon Fire Devices

PayPal HQ Entrance

Paypal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PYPL) will no longer develop apps which are based on the Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon Fire devices.

The company announced that from June 30, all customers who are using any of these three devices would have to go to the Internet browser on their phones to access the Paypal service. BlackBerry can still use the app to send payments, however.

Paypal wrote in a statement that the discontinuation of the three devices apps was a reaction to the changing and evolving digital payments platform. The company noted that the decision was hard to make, but believes they had made the right choice to ensure that the right resources were placed in the correct fields so as to ensure the very best of experiences for their clientele. The statement goes on to say that the firm was staying committed to its mobile device providers, and finished by apologizing for inconveniences caused by the development.

June 30 will also mark a new change for iPhone and Android devices. All Android devices which run the OS version 4.03 or higher together with Apple devices having the iOS 8.1 or higher would have to get the latest Paypal app at all times for them to get the service on their devices through the app.

Dan Schulman, Paypal president, and CEO said that the company was looking at the huge amounts of the opportunity it had to change the financial and commerce landscape and said that the mobile device platform was at the center of all that.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, he said that the company was fully committed to offering people great flexibility and services in how they could make their money.

Paypal also announced earlier this month that protection for people who were involved in crowd funding projects was going to be discontinued. The service was going to be stopped from June 25, 2016. The protection was usually put in place if the crowd fund collapsed or if the fund seekers had been kicked out from any of the platforms they were using. This meant if using Paypal, the funds used on any of the platforms are not eligible for refund anymore.

Paypal also announced that they would stop supporting and protection anything that has been bought or any amounts which had been received from government agencies or any organization which offered gambling or gaming services, or anything which had entry fees and a prize.

In the first quarter earnings call, the company reported a net income of $365 million supported with a revenue of $2.54 billion, which was a rise of 19 percent. The company grew with an active customer base of 4.5 million active accounts in the first quarter. The company also had 14 million active merchant accounts.